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Ready to Dream Again?

windowThis SUNDAY@LEGACY – Why did God let your dream die?

“Dreams powered by personal ambition must die, so God can resurrect them in His strength!” – Pastor Dave Gipson

Come tomorrow… you may start understanding what God is doing in your life!

Service begins at 10:30am, Gulfview Middle School, 1st Avenue S entrance in downtown Naples

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When bad things happen, do you automatically think God is punishing you?

SUNDAY@LEGACY, I spoke about how God has taught me through trials, some quite recently. I think it’s a message that will give you insight and LOTS of encouragement!

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Naples News Article

Here are pictures of Saturday’s Naples News article on Pastor Dave –



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Free ebook from Pastor Dave!

Wouldn’t you like to know what He REALLY thinks about you? You could, if you could only see yourself as God does…if you had EYES LIKE GOD.

Subscribe to Pastor Dave’s website at and get a copy of his new eBook EYES LIKE GOD absolutely free!

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Eyes Like God

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Pastor Dave hits the Naples News!

Here the story on Pastor Dave in today’s Naples Daily News. No, he wasn’t arrested ;0)



Join Dave Sunday at Gulfview Middle School, just north of 5th Ave South for our Legacy Sunday Service, 10:30 am
Legacy map

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Evidently, you mean business…

dirty hands logo I know a lot of Christians who are all talk. They talk about loving the Lord and wanting to do something for Him, but that’s as far as it goes. But not you.

Many folks have now signed up to do ministry in our church. Our children’s church is humming along like never before, with faithful workers teaching each week. We’ve had new people doing announcements on the platform each week, as well as ushering and running lights. People are also finding ministries outside the church, reaching into the community.

Amy Roller from the Florida Baptist Children’s Home has just told me that 3 of our families have signed up for their upcoming Foster Parent classes – that’s truly amazing! Susan Stripling is heading out in a couple of weeks to do a mission trip. And after Sunday’s service, another person told me they’ve decided to do a medical mission trip for Doctors Without Borders.


In addition, people are joining our church now specifically because they see it as a place where people are DOING SOMETHING for God…not just talking about it! I’ll introduce one new couple this Sunday who are faithful teachers of the Word, coming to join us.

So God is working in our midst, but He’s not through yet. Keep listening for what God may want you to do. And most importantly, bring someone to church with you this Sunday as I start an encouraging, inspiring new series!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Dave Gipson

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OLD SCHOOL series begins Sunday

Ever wonder about how all those stories in the Old Testament fit together, and what they have to do with the New Testament? Dave’s new series OLD SCHOOL will put it all together, starting this Sunday@Legacy!

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