God’s Working Through You

25 Oct

One of the great signs of life a pastor can see is when it is not just him preaching sermons, but the people in the church catching the vision and giving birth to God’s dreams in their lives. We are seeing that right now, and man is it exciting!

Our LABOR OF LOVE project was born after a church member noticed someone in his neighborhood struggling to keep up their lawn due to illness. He brought us the idea of offering temporary services like lawn care or other basic household chores to people struggling due to illness or age. So over the next few week, we will formalize a plan. Then our people will step out into their neighborhoods, offering to be “good neighbors” to those in need. Instead of just nice words, we will put feet and hands to the Gospel of Jesus and earn the right for our faith to be heard.

SUPPORT GROUPS are forming at this time, focused on areas like ABUSE RECOVERY, CANCER, and DIVORCE RECOVERY. I was so excited to have people actually call me this week with the idea for a group, and then they volunteered to lead it! Sometimes in church people suggest things expecting someone else to do all the “heavy lifting” – but not the folks at Legacy! Through these groups God will use our people to heal the hurts in our community and share hope in Christ.

Our ladies are leading out as PREGNANCY HOME MENTORS, volunteering to spend time with girls awaiting the birth of their babies. These girls need encouragement and role models who care, and there are no better women around than the Legacy Ladies to speak encouragement into their lives.

Then this coming Wednesday is our HALLOWEEN OUTREACH. We are not offering an alternative to Halloween, but instead are taking advantage of the day. Our people will take home over 2000 glossy, full-color 5X7 cards that promote our terrific Kid’s Ministry. They attach a piece of candy to each and pass them out at the door on Halloween night. As a result, thousands of parents and kids will learn about the great work our volunteers do every Sunday in our WILD KINGDOM KIDS. I can’t wait to meet some of the new families that will be drawn to us through this simple act of faithfulness!

THIS SUNDAY, I’ll ask the question, “Is the Bible really reliable? Can we trust it, and is it relevant today?” Why do some people read it, only to find it “boring” or “tedious”, and others end up with their lives changed forever? There’s a simple answer to all these questions, so I hope you’ll come this Sunday at 10:30am, ready to take some notes and learn some amazing truths.

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