15 Oct

I sense how God is moving in our people, and I believe we are finally ready to step out and start changing the world, one life at a time!

God is birthing some unique new ministries from out of the lives of our people. Many of these come through experiences they’ve had, some through trials God has led them through. Now our people want to use the lessons God has taught them to reach out and minister to others.

I can tell, from the ideas presented and from the passion I see, that the effect of these ministries will be nothing short of revolutionary for our city.

Here are just a few:

LABOR OF LOVE – our Legacy Men will go door-to-door in their own neighborhoods, looking for residents who are either too old or disabled to do basic chores and yard work. They will offer to help with some of these needs free-of-charge, based on the evident need of the resident and their own schedules.

This will not only help people going through great struggles just a few doors down from them, but will build relationships between the men and their neighbors. Every one on their street will know that theirs a “Legacy Man” on their street, and will see that our church doesn’t just talk about loving our neighbors, we do it!

PREGNANCY HOME MENTORING – our ladies will begin helping the Sunlight Home here in Golden Gate by mentoring girls at the home who are preparing to give birth soon. They will spend time with the girls, encouraging them and ministering to their needs – hopefully setting the groundwork for a successful like as a new mom who’ll raise their child in way of Christ.

SUPPORT GROUPS – with the tough economy, many support groups offered at area hospitals have been scaled back. We will start support groups for people facing cancer, and also for those overcoming the effects of abuse, among others. We will bring God’s healing to many in our area, and use the trials God has led us through to give back to others and give glory to God!

These are just a few of the things God is planting in the minds of our own Legacy People. And this will be how we will truly change the world – person to person, caring for others, one life at a time!

If you are interested in any of these ministries, come this Sunday to our 10:30am service and get more details from Susan Stripling, our Ministry Coordinator.

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Posted by on October 15, 2012 in Legacy News


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