Harvest Came Early

01 Oct

Well, on Sunday September 30, we got to see the result of a month-long emphasis of sowing into God’s Kingdom.  We spent September committed to bringing new people to church, spending time with God each day, fasting one day a week, and tithing each week.  And the results? Quite simply, God showed up – not in one way, but in multifaceted ways for our church.

(Click link to listen to Sunday’s message VALLEY OF THE SHADOW)

Sunday Morning
First, let’s talk about Sunday morning.  Worship was at such a higher level.  As a worship leader, it blows me away when after years of seeing apathy by congregations in worship, I hear the crowd singing out at full volume when I stopped singing! And to top that, they were singing a brand new song we had just introduced – amazing!

Then, the response to my message really stunned me.  Evidently God had brought people to Legacy just on this specific Sunday to hear that particular word.  I am still getting emails and calls saying how God used it, and what a blessing to see people at the altar by the end of the service.  And I had taken some risks with this service, stepping out of my comfort zone in several areas and doing things differently.  Evidently, that was what the Lord had wanted, and it paid off in a huge way.

Sunday Night
But then, what a surprise on Sunday night!  Our young adults, led by Don Gaston, held a passionate, God-breathed worship experience called SURRENDER.  Some of the other “more mature adults” who attended with me were stunned by the presence of God in the room.  But I know that much prayer and fasting had gone into this event.  Isn’t it funny how, with basically no money to invest in it and with no special guest musicians, God blesses the spiritual fervor of His children by showing up Himself as the “special guest”?!

And by the way, how man churches do you know that are only 6 months old and have two excellent, fully functioning worship bands?!

This Wednesday Night
The experience was so phenomenal that I’ve asked their praise team to lead us this Wednesday at 7pm for our next GOD ENCOUNTER service.  The evening will be devoted to seeking God, for our church, our nation, and our individual needs.  God has given us a word from Zechariah 10:1 to call out to Him to meet our needs in our time of need.  I believe our church is reaping an incredible harvest from just a little month of sowing.  Imagine what He will do if we continue on without wavering?

I’ll see you at Legacy on Wednesday at 7pm, as we seek God’s face and expect an even greater harvest!

In Jesus,

Pastor Dave Gipson

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